Last Tutorial with Jonathan Kearney 12 June 2017

During my last tutorial with Jonathan I showed him my intended life size holograms of the refugees the sea. We argued about whether this was more appropriate to the message I was trying to express. He introduced me to the work of Jaume Plensa, huge figures towering over the environment in which they were placed. I learned from this debate that expression in art is not necessarily literal, and is usually best if the viewer is able to make their own interpretation. Messages are best hidden, to be explored and discovered. They do not need to be obvious. It should have been evident to me but it was not in my proposed work. I was too literal. So I changed it following Jaume Plensa’s example but in Mixed Reality.

Jaume Plensa2017-07-05 at 11.54.56


Botafogo Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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