Starting my PhD at Kingston University

I am very excited to be starting my practice based PhD next month (Sept 2018) at Kingston University School of Art. It became real to me yesterday when I received a schedule of events for induction and workshops for the first year.

My research project is titled Making the Absent Object Present: Towards a holographic Museum of Modern Art (hMoMA). This builds upon my MA Fine Art Digital (Distinction) gained at the University of the Arts London in 2017, and my MA research paper Digital to Physical – Built to Last? Will functioning digital art be part of our future cultural heritage? An examination of built in obsolescence in digital art and implications for our cultural legacy (

My PhD research supervisors at Kingston University are Associate Prof. Dr. Chris Horrocks, and Prof Felicity Colman professor of Film and Media Arts and Director of Research Programmes, and Development.

At the same time I continue in my role as Visiting Practitioner at University of the Arts London, in particular in support of MA Fine Art Digital at UAL Camberwell College of Art, and my involvement with UAL Digital Maker Collective and Tate Exchange. I am hoping that by starting my PhD part time it will allow me to be active at both UAL and Kingston Universities.

I plan to seek involvement in the recently formed UAL Institute of Creative Computing and with Kingston University’s Centre for Augmented and Virtual Reality Environments (CAVE). I am particularly interested in the application of Mixed Reality to my PhD research project and to engage and support other students in practice based research and making, using my extensive collection of 3D, VR, and MR development devices. These include headsets (HTC Vive, Vive Focus Developers Edition, Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition, and Occipital Bridge) and devices for volumetric capture (Depthkit and Occipital Structure Sensor), and later this year Lightform (AR Projection Mapping).

FullSizeRender 57

Mixed Reality Projection using Microsoft Hololens

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