Mid Point Review – March 2016

Video of my Mid Point Review (5 Minutes):

Alternatively a Powerpoint Presentation (Best Quality) with automated play Audio and Video clips: Time 5 Minutes

Terry Quinn Mid Point Review Mar 2016 Updated

Please allow a couple of minutes for the presentation to download

If you do not have Powerpoint you can also view the presentation below, but will need to initiate the audio and video clips manually. I have not yet selected and edited over two hours of Vanessa’s narrative with her so the actual narratives will probably be very different in the final work. Recordings of my own voice are also slightly different and slightly longer than allowed as I edited the Powerpoint to come in just under the allotted 5 minutes. This version also provides an explanation for the final piece of work shown in the last two slides.








No Audio: I uploaded the 3D model via Cinema4D to Photoshop to make four large format digitally printed large canvasses. These included a background only print on which to project a video.


















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