Digital to Physical – Made to Last? Prof. Paul Coldwell Interview 27 July 2016, UAL Chelsea

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Paul Coldwell 27 July 2016, UAL Chelsea
Interview for my Research Paper

Planned Script (Not strictly adhered to)

Thank you for agreeing to talk to me about the subject of my research paper. I hope this has relevance to your work too. Would you mind if I recorded our discussion so that I may reference it in my paper?

Describe my research question. Give Paul my Synopsis to read.


1. Paul. Do you think that it is important that art produced today should be available for future generations to enjoy? And why?
2. Do you think that this also applies to art produced using or relying on digital products and processes? And why?
3. I know that you use some digital processes in some of your work. Please could you briefly describe them or any future digital technologies you are interested in using in your practice.
4. Does exhibiting any of your work rely on any of these digital processes? If so, if any of the hardware or software used became redundant could your work be shown as you originally intended? Is your work documented in a way that it could be shown or reproduced and exhibited as you intended?
5. You were probably there to enjoy digitally inspired artworks from the 1960’s onwards. Are there any in particular significant works that you remember displayed at that time? Have you been able to see it again more recently? If so was it functioning in the same way? If not, would it if it were displayed now?
6. Do you think, with the massive advances in technology that today’s important digital artworks will be able to be seen as the artist intended in say the next century?
7. If not, why not?
8. Do you think that art institutions and fine art schools such as UAL are addressing these issues?
9. What more do you think needs to be done?
10. Are there any questions or areas I have not explored today that you think I should have covered?
Thank you Paul.

Audio File of the Interview

Please turn your sound UP.

The interview started with my introductory comments followed by this recording:




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