Tate Exchange – Feb/Mar 2017 – Proposed Exhibit

This is my proposed exhibit for the Tate Exchange, when the Digital Maker Collective take over the entire 5th Floor of the Switch House extension to Tate Modern on 8/22 February and 8/22 March 2017.

Lead Names: Terry Quinn & Aurelie Freoua

Others: For a full program, we need additional supervisors on the day

Title:    Alice through the looking glass

What:  A visitor intervention: multiple visitors view or interact with a painting in five different ways at the same time. They can:

  • Walk in, around and through a pre-prepared canvas using VR ‘Google Cardboard’ type headsets. A Kinect or Leap Motion will track participant’s movement within the painting.
  • Another can view the pre-prepared painting in Augmented Reality using Microsoft Hololens. The live model for the sculpture dances on top of the floor in the painting, suspended in the real live environment of the Tate Exchange.
  • [Subject to delivery: Holographic display so that passers-by can see what is going on in Hololens.]
  • Another can add to the painting using Vive & Tilt Brush. The painting evolves through the day.
  • The painting as developed by participants is shown on TV (or is projected), so that passers-by can see what is going on.

Key Words: intervention, interaction, virtual reality, augmented reality, artist, painting

Equipment Needed: Vive with Tilt Brush and gaming PC; Kinect; TV or projection surface; Table for equipment. Terry has everything else.

Caveats: This is an ambitious programme, and some elements may need to be dropped if technical issues remain unresolved, or if there are not enough supervisors (need another 3 or 4) to support all the activities.



2 thoughts on “Tate Exchange – Feb/Mar 2017 – Proposed Exhibit

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