Veronica Scanner – I am the model

The Veronica scanner was recently exhibited at the Royal Academy, and for this week only is being shown again at Waddesdon Manor. I am being scanned on Wednesday. It follows the same process that I have used to make sculptures of Vanessa, but my starting point was the Occipital Structure Sensor attached to my iPad. Some fellow students have asked, “why don’t I scan myself”. Not easy with the equipment I own, but now I can accomplish this. It is interesting to see the part of the video that refers to whether the output should be left as it is, or manipulated in ZBrush, which was the case before I printed my Vanessa sculptures. This time I plan to 3D print the sculpture exactly  as scanned. I want to make it larger scale and cast it in foundry bronze. So I will have to do some work on it, as I will have to carve up the figure into pieces that will fit in the bounding box of the 3D printers that can print in castable PLA.Then I will have to piece them back together somehow. I need to do further research to work out the best way of achieving the result I am looking for.

Update after my visit

Both Mady Dae (MA FAD 1st Year) and I have now been scanned, as well as my wife Suzy. I will help Mady decide what to do with her scan when she receives it. You are sent an email with the website address and your reference number. Samples can be seen on the following link. At some point ,in the next week or two, we will appear on it.

Here are some photos of the process. Apparently, weird poses give the most interesting results, so this is what we did.


The Veronica Scanner team are based in Madrid: Factvm Fovndation, for Digital Technology in Conservation. I asked whether they would be interested in coming to the Tate Exchange or to UAL. Apparently, CSM have already visited their offices in Madrid. I plan to talk to Jonathan Kearney and Chris Follows about this possibility.

Enrique, was the lead person there on the day Suzy and I visited. He is putting me in touch with the head of the Foundation, based in London, and letting him know that I will be contacting him. Enrique has my business card.

Otto Lowe, , mob 07908470207, 44 Lexington Street, London W1F 0LP, .

Whilst they had an array of 3D printers at the exhibition, none were able to produce the larger sculptures on display. These were produced using a 5-Axis CNC machine .


If you want a large 3D print contact: UCL, The Bartlett School of Architecture, 140 Hampstead Road, Camden Town, London NW1 2PT, Tel: 084515550000. It is possible to take your 3D files there and they will print them for a price. You give them the file and the size you want it printed at and they will quote you a price. For further information, see:

Other 3D printing services were provided by Hobs Studio, 144 Central Street, London EC1V 8AX, Tel: 0207 0141361, See:

I will post the results when I get them. Very exciting.







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