Tate Exchange – Virtual and Mixed Realty

Tomorrow I participate in the third of four Tate Exchange events organised by the Digital Maker Collective, of which I am one of the early members, and a lead for a Virtual Reality exhibit. So far the Digital maker Collective has taken over the whole 5th floor of the Switch House extension to Tate Modern on 8th and 22nd February this year, and will do so again on 8th and 22nd March.

My Virtual Reality group consists of several students and alumni from across UAL, both BA and MA, at Camberwell, CSM and Wimbledon. We have all learnt to use Google Tilt Brush, a 3D Virtual Reality painting application on the HTC Vive, so that we can provide this experience for Tate Exchange visitors. This has been very popular and we expect a similar response tomorrow.

Last time we also demonstrated and let visitors experience mixed reality with the Microsoft Hololens. This is where 3D holograms are projected into the real world environment of the Tate. Most people who have tried it are amazed by what the Hololens can do. A viewer can physically walk all around the holograms which can also speak and move, as is the case with a dancing ballerina. or a lesson given by a weight-lifter. This experience is also helping me understand how to use this media in my final MA show this July.

Tomorrow, we will also scan visitors, 3D print their scans, and import these into the HTC Vive so that they can be viewed in virtual reality.


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