Making my MA Project background video

I had intended to film this myself, leaning over the side of a boat with a camera dangled half in and half out of the sea, while attracting seagulls to dive and screech. No mean feat for a complete novice film producer!

However, I was rescued by two events. Firstly, Lucy Orta said that this was not the main event of my project and that it was therefore OK to use (expensive for the right quality) stock library clips. Secondly, while my Vuze camera is due to be delivered shortly, they have not yet released a waterproof case, and do not expect to until around August/September. After my MA Show!

I have looked at stock film from Getty Images, and Michael is going to point me towards some others. I will find out more when Michael and I meet this coming Friday.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 17.23.07

Getty Image Library

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