Using my HoloLens and sculpture at another MA Show

This time it’s my wife Suzy’s MA show entitled ‘Curating the Future: Preserving the Past’ at the Museum of Futures, London. I was the contributing artist and the work was curated by Suzy to demonstrate what could be done when Museum exhibits are away on loan, or have been moved to the Museum’s archive or for conservation. The object can continue to be seen holographically.

Here is a picture of Suzy alongside her holographic image entitled ‘The Scream 2030’.

20170410_073439_HoloLens (2)

Here is a slideshow I created in Facebook, showing progress making the sculpture both 20cm tall showing and how it was used in Suzy’s MA show, and life size which I will use in mine.


Click the ‘Watch on Facebook’ link in the image above to view the slideshow.

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