It’s not easy to find a PhD Supervisor!!

Here are two responses I have recieved to my PhD applications in December last year, one from Kingston University and the other from UCL/Ravensbourne. Perhaps I will re-apply after I get my MA.

Dear Terence,

As discussed at the interview, your subject is topical and you have the knowledge, skills, connections and enthusiasm to press forward with this research. The question is how to turn this research into an appropriate academic piece of work. For this you would need a strong supervisory team that includes digital/ technical/ engineering and museum or curatorial expertise; as well as critical thinking to analyse, evaluate and conclude.

We would like to offer you a place; but at the moment we do not have the expertise to support your research. This may change in the future, so fell free to contact us when you have completed your MA course.

Best regards,

Dr Ersi Ioannidou
Senior Lecturer in Interior Design
The Design School
Kingston University London
Knights Park
Surrey, KT1 2QJ


Hi Terry,

I’ve had this back from Joel McKim at Birkbeck. He likes the project but he’s up to capacity in terms of supervisions. I suggest either waiting for next year at Birkbeck or exploring other options. If the latter, I can’t offer to serve as supervisor but I can advise on the project as it goes forward.

All best,

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Joel Mckim <>
Subject: RE: Possible PhD at Birkbeck?
To: Nick Lambert <>

Hi Nick,

Thanks very much for the PhD lead. It does sound like an interesting and quite well-conceived project, but I’ve had to promise myself that I would not take on any additional supervisees until some of the current cohort (which now numbers a slightly unmanageable 9) moves through. We’re also beyond the School’s funding deadline, so that might impact Terry’s interest for this year.

Best, Joel

Dr Nick Lambert (DPhil Oxon)
Head of Research
6, Penrose Way, North Greenwich
London SE10 0EW
Mobile: 0781 0381 458

Honorary Research Fellow
Department of Film, Media and Cultural Studies
Birkbeck, University of London


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