Why start your research in the library?

What would be the reaction of our MA assessors if our reading references in our bibliography was BLANK? If our research was ALL from PRIMARY SOURCES such as interviews, survey’s and the like? Not an entirely possible approach but something that I would like to skew my research sources towards.

What is my research question? Why and how traditional artists’ adopt (or resist) new technology – which I will use to contextualise my traditional life drawing practice.  For my final exhibition I will contrast an example of my current work with pieces that progressively take advantage of some of the latest developments in digital technology.

So I am adopting one of the techniques I used in business: Networking. I have only just begun.

Firstly start at the top. The UAL Professor of drawing Stephen Farthing, RA – previously the Professor of Drawing at Oxford University. After attending his tutorial at the University of London yesterday he kindly agreed to meet me when he comes back to the UK in November. We will see where that takes me. I will ask him for two more contacts to talk to. And so on.

Secondly, use your current contacts and the same approach. So far: A painter, author on digital art and course leader for MA Computational Design at Ravensbourne University; A very successful painter who makes a living from his art and takes over a prime London Gallery for a week every year to exhibit and sell his work; A sought after installation artist whose work has been exhibited by Saachi, and who gets invited to show her work at major exhibitions including this year the Venice Biennale and shows in London, Paris, Berlin and Vienna; A recent MA graduate who is now working in one of London’s best known galleries which amongst others represent one of the World’s best digital artists.

I must start to read the books on Research that I have taken from our libraries and renewed three times. Or should I? Perhaps I will.

In the meantime any more suggestions for contacts will be gratefully received.

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