Scanning and drawing a Life Model in the studio

I am really excited (and relieved) that I have been able to arrange this as I was not sure that it would be easy to get a professional life model willing to be scanned as well as drawn. It’s not something they usually do.

My plan now is to complete this part of my project before Christmas, and if I can before the end of our first term. My model has sat for me before and her name is Vanessa, a professional life model and dancer in theatre musicals Internationally including London. I am booking two or three sessions at the Cheyne Art Studio in Chelsea.


My last drawing of Vanessa

My tutor for this work is Richard Colson, a professional artist and leader of the MA Computational Design course at Ravensbourne, London which is well known and respected as a specialist University (moderated by the University of the Arts London) in all forms of digital media.

I will set a pose similar to below and make a full body 3D scan using the Occipital Structure Sensor on my iPad mini and the cloud based scanning service of Itseez3D. I will over two or three sessions produce three or four charcoal drawings, and fast camera photographs through 360 degrees around the model.

                   IMG_7722 (1)

Scan of another model at Cheyne drawing studio, Chelsea

The scan will allow me to produce another sculpture but from real life instead of from a ready made 3D constructed model (see previous blog).

The photos and drawings will also eventually provide the means to produce a digital 3D painting of the life model without her being present. It is not practical for me to draw the model in 3D directly from life in C4D. This is a step too far for me and would take too many life drawing sessions to be a realistic proposition. Besides I have not yet used or made a brush stroke in C4D so it would take forever to do it this way with me as the digital artist! The digital 3D drawing will be in charcoal which can be rotated 360 degrees in Cinema4D (C4D) on my MacBook Pro and projected large on a wall using my Digital Art Projector. This will be the subject of a later blog.

To be continued next week

3 thoughts on “Scanning and drawing a Life Model in the studio

  1. liuyiarts

    She is so nice, models in my previous college would never allow us to take photo of them. You managed things very well, I believe you will make a wonderful sculpture in the end.


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